Privacy policy

Article 1 - Privacy policy

We strive to process your personal data in a legal, correct and transparent manner. In this declaration we inform you which personal data we process and for what purposes.


Article 2 - Security of personal data

In our company, all personal data are only accessible to authorised personnel who are held accountable if they need it for a specific task. All access is explicitely required to perform the relevant task. If you have any questions about identification, you can contact us via: or by phone on +32 14283300 (BE) or +31 164275999 (NL)


Article 3 - Identification of personal data

Various personal data are collected in a direct way. This includes standard identification data such as last name, first name , title within a company, contact details such as telephone number, e-mail address and data for billing purposes such as bank account number.

Sometimes data will be handed over directly by you through the completion of documents, communicating them electronically or by telephone, or by handing over business cards. It is assumed that explicit permission is given for the storage of the supplied personal data.

Various personal data are also collected indirectly. This may concern data that is available through the legal publication of that data or data that has been made public (eg. publications on their website). Such publicly accessible personal data can be stored. Permission for this is assumed, given that these data were explicitly made public.

No special categories of personal data are kept without additional permission, such as race, ethnic origin, health data, sexual orientation, etc.


Article 4 - Accountability of the processing

In order to be able to offer certain services in a qualitative manner, the company needs various personal data as defined under article 3 of this document.

Your data, collected with for example a first contact will be used for the following purposes, depending on the specific situation:

• To be able to perform the order or agreement in a correct manner and to guarantee the necessary quality as agreed;

• To comply with legal requirements;

• For risk management and quality control;

• For customer relationship management and management of customer files;

• For purposes of direct marketing as in the ability to send information such as a newsletter or invitation for events. At any time, a given permission can be withdrawn.

Your personal data will never be used for automated decision-making without human intervention.


Article 5 - Transfer of personal data

The company will never pass on any personal data to third parties without explicit written permission. Besides our internal employees who are explicitly authorized, no other  third parties will have access to any personal data.


Article 6 - Storage of personal data

Your personal data will be kept for as long as necessary to achieve the goals as described under article 4 or as long as required by law.


Article 7 - Rights of the person concerned

You have the right to request information regarding your personal data at any time. If your details are incorrect, incomplete or not applicable, you can submit a request for modification and/or deletion. If you want to retrieve, delete or change your data, you can submit this request via To prevent abuse we can ask you to identify yourself.

We can not delete your data in case of a legally required storage obligation, such as in accountancy  or when there are other legitimate reasons for storing such data like outstanding debts.


Do you have questions or complaints?

If you have complaints about the way our organization handles your personal data, you can contact the management of the organization.


If you still believe that we have not dealt with your personal details with due care you can submit a complaint. In Belgium you can submit a complaint at the Commission for the Protection of Privacy In the Netherlands, this can be done with the Dutch Data Protection Authority:


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