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Peeters Waste Handling Services has the future in the palm of his hand with the new 40m³ container. The innovating well-thought-out concept embraces safety, quality and efficiency. This special design will serve as a base for the future derived models such as open top tanks, mixing containers and decantation trays.

The first of its series container is made of steel, has a net capacity of 34m³ and can easily be moved with a truck that has a hook.

A fold-out staircase and handrails ensure safe access from above. Emptying can be done via a drain at the back and a fixed filling line is provided. The bottom of the container had rounded corners and the floor is shaped in a ‘V’ so a maximum cleaning is possible. Internally there is a access staircase along the side so a safe entry can be made if necessary.

The topside has a slight slope to it and there are two manholes with connector parts for a tank cleaning device. Also there are various flanges for optional use and a vent.

The tanks meet the strictest safety requirements and are easy to set up on site without the help of a crane. Our drivers always ensure a correct placement in a dip tray if needed and they make sure all the access stairs and handrails are secured for immediate usage of the tank.

It is possible to provide a cleaning certificate but with every new use an actual state is drawn up after the placement and before the removal to ensure a trouble-free use.

Waste Handling Services

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