Boiler cleaning with a fully automatic solution

We recently carried out the cleaning of the lignite-fired boiler for our German client, a very special project! An intensive collaboration between the various Peeters branches in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

In the past, we cleaned such boilers using high-pressure units equipped with tank washing heads. The cleaners had to personally enter the different floors of the boiler with every adjustment to place the tank washing heads between the contaminated packages. Very labour-intensive, and due to the enormous humidity in combination with 45°C, in a climate more intensive than in the tropics!

The challenge

We wanted to carry out this assignment more safely, cheaper and fully automated. With a minimization of the number of entries and people and with a better cleaning degree nonetheless.

Beforehand, we extensively researched how we could carry out this assignment as optimally as possible. By involving our engineers, carefully studying specific detailed drawings of the installation, and having in-depth discussions with the customer. The client was closely involved and visited our location in Herentals during the preliminary phase to inspect the test set-up. This was followed by a successful practical test: We tested the system under the conditions we would find in the boiler.

The execution

We simultaneously cleaned the boiler fully automatically with 15 high-pressure units. 9.000 HP, 3.000 liters of water per minute or 180m³ per hour, a consumption of 1.250 liters of fuel per hour and no less than 6.000 meters of high-pressure hose! A real monster project.

The advantages

By controlling and monitoring the boiler from the outside, we have been able to reduce access by 80% and a 45% reduction in personnel compared to previous comparable tasks. The method was many times safer. No one was in the boiler during the actual cleaning. And we have achieved a huge ergonomic advantage for our staff. There was also a better cleaning and – not unimportantly – a shorter lead time.

Result: a very satisfied customer

Our client was impressed by our professional approach. In fact, a follow-up order and further optimization have been discussed so that in the future we will only automatically clean the heavily polluted parts of the boiler. This will be our new method by default.

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